Dear Netherworld(Sincerely, Ichijyou)

With every second that goes by I only grow in pain
This world has turned to poison
Painful suffocation
Every minute of my life, it’s there, it never leaves me
For every heartbeat I feel, I’m stuck a moment longer

The walls are closing on me
Normally I’d let them crush me
Only I know I’ll still be alive to feel the pain
Except you, there are no escapes
Normally people think that’s false
But then I say to them
“Then I when I still hurt?”

[chorus 1]
I need you
Come get me
Sweet eternal slumber
Embrace me
Take me from
All my current hauntings
Take my wrist
and yank it
Make me sleep forever
and ever
and ever
Please don’t leave me here

No I can’t
No I won’t
I can’t take this anymore
All the pain
that I feel
Makes me bleed on the inside
It’s painful
Please take me
I don’t want you to leave me
I have been
Sincerely, Ichijyou

On every morning when the sun rises
and I realize I’m stuck here another day
My tears fall
Every night when the sun sets
Next to my tainted mattress
I pray to Almighty God
“Why didn’t you…!”

[chorus 2]
I need you
Please take me!
Sweet eternal slumber
Hold me tight
so that all
My hauntings can’t reach me
Touch my eyes
and close them
Don’t let me rise again
and ever
Let my tries summon you

No I can’t
No I won’t
I can’t take this anymore
All the pain
All the people who’ve given up on me
All the people who don’t
understand, all the screaming
All the cuts
My fake friends
My precious innocence

All the rapes
All the lies
All of the ridicule
All the fake family
All of the names I’ve been called
The bruises, all the times
my opinions have been torn
The neighbors molesting and
breaking my sanity

The bullies, haters
People who won’t take “No”
The ones who don’t believe me, the countless
failures I’ve endured
My school years
My childhood
My whole entire life
My uncle, my father
Take it all
Sincerely, Ichijyou Registered & Protectedcopyright symbol
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