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I made TWO songs this time! One is called "Futei na hito e" which means "To an Unfaithful Person". It's a soft kind of techno genre. I think it's cute. :3 The other one is called "Paagala" which means "Crazy" in Hindi. It's a club type of techno song. It's short, but I REALLY like it! :3
As for the problem with "Sentaku": I still haven't gotten that resolved. The band is still lying and saying that it is their song, and the stubborn person I am, I told them in an email that I will continue to blog about how much of thieves they are until they write me back. I can't get in trouble for telling the truth, now can I? :3
今度、二曲を作った!一番曲は「不貞な人へ」。ジャンルは柔らかい的なテクノソングです。可愛いと思う。:3 二番の曲は「パーガラー」(意味:ヒンディー語に「クレージー」)クラブ的なテクノソングです。短いけど大好き。