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Thank you for the teddy bear chicken Mommy! ^_^
この病気で、私のおなかは突然痛んで始めることがあります。痛みから、意識をよく失います。病院にいっても、薬がよく助けることができません。そして、胸に多くの痛みを感じて始めることができます。怖いです。でも、大丈夫と思います。(犬夜叉とリンクはここにいますから ^_^ )
二曲のジャンルは「Love Songs」。そして、一曲のジャンルは「Pain Song」です。
じゃ、またね! ^_^
Good evening America! Good afternoon Japan!
Even though I'm still in the hospital, I wanted to take a picture.
My mom gave me this stuffed-animal baby chick as a present.
Thank you for the teddy bear chicken Mommy! ^_^
I think that my health is getting better.
To be honest...I have an illness, but the doctors cannot find it.
With this disease, my stomach will just suddenly start hurting. And then I lose consciousness from the pain. The medicine doesn't really help much. And, I can also begin to feel pain in my chest as well. But I think that I'm okay. (Because InuYasha and Link are here ^_^ )
I have an uncle who lives in California with the exact same illness. With him, he's had it since 2006. But, he would feel the pain often when he was a baby still. As for me, I had it since 2011, but there was one time when I was 8 (in 1998) where I needed to be rushed to the hospital for it. There were other things happening at the time (that could cause abdominal pain) so the pain may not have been caused from this illness.
As for new songs...I'm still working on them. I work on them every chance I get. I have three songs, but they need a lot of work.
Well, thank you very much for reading this.
Two of the songs' genre's are "Love Songs". And, one of the song's genres is a "Pain Song".
The medicine is making me sleepy. I'm sorry!
Well, see you later! ^_^